Saturday, September 22, 2012


Life As We Know It

We go through phases in life that we will either benefit from or regret. This is the process of transformation that we must go through in order to mature. We encounter inner conflicts of right and wrong, and we are faced with choices we have to make. Only you yourself can decide what you are going to become, and the path you are going to take to find who you are.
These images illustrate the reality I discover by experiencing the world we live in. I take a thought and transform it into art. To do this, I conceptualize my idea in a manner that is surreal but relatable. This series shows my point of view from living life, the happenings inside of it and the outside world’s influence. My intention is for the photos to become a catalyst for other people’s thoughts. In this way, my art lives on and may become the observer’s creative muse.
I use myself in the images because I want to show my own development and mindset from my viewpoint. These self portraits express the journey I have gone through, good, bad, and ugly to get to the person I am today. I feel with this series I have tapped into parts of myself that were dormant waiting to get out.